Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wrong Number, Right Guy (The Bourbon Street Boys Book 1) By Elle Casey

May is a 29 year old, single photographer. Who mostly does weddings, and the occasional family portraits. Her life is pretty boring. She gets a frantic text message from her sister Jenny, asking her to meet up at a bar. A real dive of a biker bar. May brings her dog, a half-chihuahua half-pomeranian, who fits in her purse with her. She walks into the bar thinking she is going to find her sister, and her three kids, in some kind of trouble. However Jenny and the kids are nowhere to be found. She texts her sister again, and her sister says "I'm here but there is only some bimbo with a dog in her purse". May is just a little bit pissed of that her sister is calling her a bimbo. She sees a backroom, and heads towards it. When she gets there, she looks around confused and realizes that her sister is not in the bar. The next thing she knows, a really scary looking guy, with a horrible beard shows up and starts pulling her towards the back door. She starts freaking out and he tells her she needs to leave. All of a sudden shots are being fired at her and "the wookie". She is pushed out the door and the guy starts to run off in the opposite direction of her car. He tells her she can't go back to her car even though the police are there. He leaves here and comes back with the only truck she saw in the parking lot. He offers her a ride home. As she gets in the truck she texts her sister and the guys phone beeps. She realizes a couple minutes later that she has been texting him. Her sister was supposed to get a new phone today, so May assumed the text was from her. The guy gives her his business card and says, "I'm with Bourbon Street Boys Security" What has May walked into? Let's just say that May's life changed dramatically when she walked into that bar and met The Bourbon Street Boys!

This book made me laugh, from page one! It's full of action, romance, comedy, mystery and intrigue. The dialog is amazing. I love how Elle has created the characters in this book. They draw you in, and suck you into the story. I highly recommend this book and the series. Check it out!

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