Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Fledgling (The Dragonrider Chronicles Book 1) By Nicole Conway

I am a huge fan of everything about dragons! They have intrigued me since I read my first series about them. I love what Nicole has done in her books, and the incredibly wonderful world she has created! Jaevid is a half human, half dark elf war refugee. His mother dies and he goes to live with his human father. His family treats him as little more than a slave. However an opportunity of a lifetime comes up for him and little does he know it changes his life forever! His father is a tanner who makes dragonrider sadles for the Dragonrider Academy. Jaevid gets to travel with him and help him this year. One night while his father is sleeping he wanders into the dragon roost, and sees a dragon all chained up. He feels a connection to the dragon and bonds with him. One of the instructors finds him, and helps convince the academy to let him train to be a dragonrider. Dragonriders are the lifeblood of the army and war against the dark elves. This book is about Jaevid struggling to find out who he is, while training to be a dragonrider.

The dialog and writing of this book and the whole series so far, are incredible! Nicole has an award wining series here, in my opinion! I highly recommend it!

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