Saturday, August 6, 2016

Katana Series Boxset (Books 1 and 2) By Ken Warner

Katana is a young girl who has studied karate her whole life. At the age of twelve she prepares to take the test for her black belt. During her test she has a very strange experience. She is able to stop her attackers completely, and has no idea why. Master Osaka tells her that she has learned to harness her chi, and mastered the chen do for karate. He wants to send her to a special temple to train, The Hall of The Dragon! Little does Katana know that her destiny will change forever the moment she sets foot in The Hall of The Dragon! Her uderstanding of martial arts, life and the whole world are about to change!

I really like the uniqueness of this series! It's full of awesome action, great martial arts, and a good plot! I love the world Ken has developed in these books. His unique style of bringing different forms of martial arts together, and coupling it with some supernatural gifts, makes for a great series! I definitely recommend it!

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