Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Written In Red (The Others Series Book 1) By Anne Bishop

Anne Bishop has created such a unique and wonderful world in these books! The Others are the indigenous species that inhabit a majority of the Earth. They have been around long before humans. Humans developed on their own coninent and eventually started to explore other parts of the world. That's when they met the Others. The Others are shapeshifters, and at first they destroyed every human they came in contact with. Humans are just meat to them. After many years the humans developed technology and the Others started to see the value of trading with them. So the first few human cities on the Others continent were built. Eventually the Others and humans traded more and all the land they allowed cities and technology to be built on were leased to the humans. The Others built courtyards within the cities, so the humans and Others would have ways to communicate with each other.

The main character Meg Corbyn is a blood prophet who ran away from her captors and sought refuge at the Lakeside Courtyard. She meets Simon Wolfgard who is a wolf shapeshifter, in charge of the courtyard. Meg intrigues him, so he offers her the job of human liaison. Basically she is in charge of the post office for the courtyard. Receiving package and deliveries for the courtyard.

This book series is all about Meg starting a new life, and how her journey impacts the Others and the whole world! It is absolutely incredibly well written, and one of the best I've ever read! I highly recommend it!

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