Sunday, September 4, 2016

Fairy Magic (Dragon Born Awakening Book 1) By Ella Summers

Naomi is best friends with the Dragonborn twins Sera and Alex. While Naomi is investigating the disappearance of some hybrids, she is grabbed by a dark fairy and thrust into one of the circles of hell. She quickly discovers that she is Spirit Warrior. A mage who can travel between the realms. She meets a Dragonborn mage who has been stuck in hell for 700 years. She feels a strong connection to him. Why did the dark fairy send her to meet the Dragonborn? Who is he, and why does she feel such a strong connection to him? Before she can even start to figure things out, she's back where she started outside the bar the dark fairy found her at. Say what? What's going on? Read the book to find out! 

I love these three series! Sera, Alex and Naomi really tear it up! This book is Naomi discovering her new abilities and coming into her own. I love how Ella has created such a great connection between the characters. They don't just draw you in, they enthrall you. The world of these series is amazing too. I love how there are so many different races of supernaturals, and tons of hybrids too. Ella has a great ability to blend the series together. I suggest reading them in the publication order, which is the suggested reading order by the author. It will make things more clear as you go. I highly recommend this book, and checking out all three series!

Below is a link to each book in the three series in the order the author and I recommend. 

Pick up a copy of each on Amazon!

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