Sunday, October 23, 2016

Veil Of Shadows (The Empire of Bones Saga Book 2) By Terry Mixon

Princess Kelsey and Commander Jared have their work cut out for them. With their ship damaged beyond major repair, they decide to repair the derelict Old Empire battlecruiser. With the help of their new friends they begin to repair the ship and crew it with people from both worlds. Little do they know a rebellion is working behind the scenes. They plan to strike back at the Pale Ones, as soon as they get the ship up and running. What do the rebels have planned? Can Princess Kelsey and Commander Jared keep the rebels from destroying everything they have achieved?

What an amazing book! Very well written, and the dialog is fantastic! I love the character development, and it's so easy to be drawn into the book like you are there experiencing the story with them. The author has created a great universe, and has the awesome responsibility of making each book live up to that. He definitely has with book 2! I highly recommend reading this series. It has amazing potential! I can't wait to see where the story leads!

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