Sunday, October 23, 2016

Ghosts of The Empire (The Empire of Bones Saga Book 4) By Terry Mixon

Admiral Jared and Princess Kelsey stopped the rebellion. However the Captain of the fleet from their homeworld Avalon, decided to not follow Princess Kelsey orders, and try to go home on their own. Unfortunately they decided on a course that took them into a major Rebel Empire sector. Captured and their flagship destroyed, Admiral Jared and Princess Kelsey must rescue them, or face the Rebel Empire discovering their home planet. Little do they know that when they reach the rebel system, they will find a whole lot more than they bargained for. Including a planet full of humans, and research facilities thought destroyed 500 years ago! Can they rescue their crew of people in time?

Loved this book! Well written, and the dialog is even better than the past book. I enjoy where this series has gone so far and look forward to seeing more from this author. He has done a great job with this series! I highly recommend checking it out!

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