Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Into The Dark (Alexis Carew Series Book 1) By J.A. Sutherland

Alexis Carew is the granddaughter of a plantation owner on a fringe world of the Empire. She unfortunately can't inherit her family's land as she is a woman. Her grandfather is trying to change the law so she can inherit the land without having to marry. Her husband would own everything anyway not her. With her prospects of a husband few and far between, she decides to enlist in the galactic navy. At least if she ends up not being able to inherit her family's land, she will have a career to fall back on. Little does she know, her decision will change her life forever!

This is a great book series. One of the best space operas I've read! I really like the universe the author has created, The characters are definitely enthralling. I was drawn into the story from page one. The dialog is fantastic and very funny. I highly recommend this book and the series!

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