Monday, January 2, 2017

Katana Yodan: The Immortal Masters (Katana Series Book 4) By Ken Warner

Katana has been tested and is now the first Chen Do Master in centuries. With her training being a priority, she and the other Masters have declared war on Jaaku and his Arashi. Jaaku will stop at nothing to get his hands on Katana and other potentials such as her friends. The war is just beginning, yet Katana knows deep down that a confrontation with Jaaku will determine the outcome. As she studies she starts to get help from a benefactor and history lessons long forgotton. What will it take to defeat Jaaku? How many people will die to see the Jaaku and the Arashi gone forever?

This series is captivating, heart wrenching, fast paced, funny, and incredibly well written! Ken has taken this series to new heights with this book. You fall instantly for the characters, and get sucked into the story. This book has you laughing, crying, and unable to put it down! I can't wait for book 5! I highly recommend this series! Buy a copy today!

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