Friday, December 2, 2016

Silver Tongue (Nate Temple Series Book 4) By Shayne Silvers

Nate Temple has just faced down and defeated the mighty Grimm Brothers. His family's company was taken out from underneath him, and his fiance died! Luckily she was brought back to life by Death, one of the four horesman of the apocalypse. What could possibly go wrong next? Nate is contacted to find a book for a client. Little does he know the trouble that book will cause in his life! Let's just say more fairy tales come to life, in this book. Making Nate Temple's life a living hell! 

Nate Temple is by far one of the best written series I've ever read! The dialog is awesome, with great character development. I love how Shayne brings together so many mythological stories in this series! He has a unique quality to his writing style, that I love. You are always on the edge of your seat, and then feel like you fall off it when a huge twist hits in the story! Silver Tongue is an award winning book in my opinion!

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